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Credit: J Brew | Acacia decurrens Gre... | License: CC-BY-SA-2.0
Green Wattle (Acacia decurrens)

Green Mountain Maidenhair (Adiantum viridimontanum)

Green False Foxglove (Agalinis viridis)

Credit: Nick | Own work | License: CC-BY-SA-3.0,2.5,2.0,1.0 GFDL
Green Alder (Alnus viridis)

Green Fiddleneck (Amsinckia vernicosa)

Green Silkyscale (Anthaenantia villosa)

Green Dragon (Arisaema dracontium)

Green Rockcress (Arabis missouriensis)

Green Milkweed (Asclepias hirtella)

Green River Milkvetch (Astragalus pubentissimus)

Credit: Jim Pisarowicz | | License: PD US Government PD US NPS
Green Comet Milkweed (Asclepias viridiflora)

Green Antelopehorn (Asclepias viridis)

Green Molly (Bassia americana)

Common Green Bryum Moss (Bryum pseudotriquetrum)

Green Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja chrymactis)

Credit: Christian Fischer. | Own picture, made in northern Germany. | License: CC-BY-SA-3.0-migrated GFDL
Little Green Sedge (Carex viridula)

Green Cliffbrake (Cheilanthes viridis)

Credit: Photo by and (c)2007 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) | Own Picture. | License: GFDL-1.2
Green And Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum)

Green Sotol (Dasylirion leiophyllum)

Green Caskfruit (Doliocarpus olivaceus)

Credit: unknown | http://researchlearn... | License: CC-BY-SA-2.5 CC-BY-SA-3.0-migrated GFDL
Bright Green Dudleya (Dudleya virens)

Credit: Tim Ross | Own work | License: PD
Green Fly Orchid (Epidendrum magnoliae)

Green Rabbitbrush (Ericameria teretifolia)

Green Gentian (Frasera)

Clustered Green Gentian (Frasera fastigiata)

Pine Green Gentian (Frasera neglecta)

Credit: Steven Katovich, USDA Forest Service |
This image is at Forestry Images, a source for forest health, natural resources and silviculture images operated by The Bugwood Network at the University of Georgia and the USDA Forest Service.This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing for more information.
| License: CC-BY-3.0-US
Green Ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Credit: Original uploader was Algirdas at lt.wikipedia | Transferred from lt.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Hugo.arg using CommonsHelper. | License: CC-BY-SA-3.0-migrated GFDL
Green Hellebore (Helleborus viridis)

Northern Green Rush (Juncus alpinoarticulatus)

Green Slender Lupine (Lupinus gracilentus)

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